Kind of Busy

I’ll be kind of busy in the next few days. Today and tomorrow the 2005 student colloquium is taking place. It’s a small conference where CS students present academic papers they have written. Tomorrow I’ll be presenting ours, entitled “Assembling Classes at Runtime”. Once the conference is over I’ll probably post it here, for thoseContinue reading “Kind of Busy”

Bad, Bad Apple Users

aent is ranting about why he doesn’t like Apple users. He has expressed his unhappiness with the company earlier, now it’s the Apple user’s bashing time. You can read his “rant here”: I’ll skip the part about Linux and GUIs which, for as far as I can see, doesn’t have to do anything with this.Continue reading “Bad, Bad Apple Users”

Skype and Firewalls, the Answer

Since I last talked about Skype and that it solved the firewall problem in peer to peer networks, a couple of people have been discussing it with me and asking me about it. Luckily, Jeffrey Gelens pointed me to a “paper”: by two guys of Columbia University who took the liberty of disecting the SkypeContinue reading “Skype and Firewalls, the Answer”

“OOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice”

Two days ago DevX published a three-page rant from Richard Mansfield about how OOP has failed. It’s amazing how much words Richard needs to actually say nothing, or at least not much more than what the title already told. OOP sucks, because, because, it does! You can find the “rant here”:, read it and goContinue reading ““OOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice””