It’s the Platform Stupid

Back when people still programmed in assembly, life was easy. The language was simple and there was no API(Application Programmable Interface) to speak of. In pascal it’s more or less the same. The language isn’t too complicated and the standard API isn’t that big. It’s largely rememberable anyway. In those “old-style” languages, you could reallyContinue reading “It’s the Platform Stupid”

And There It Is…

A little less than a month ago I posted about an idea I had: “TorrentNet”: Today I read about the new plans for “”:, the biggest BitTorrent site: they’re going to decentralize BitTorrent. Sounds familiar? I’m not going to state that they got the idea from me (that would be highly doubtful). But I’m happyContinue reading “And There It Is…”

Software Variability Management Workshop

I spent the past two days in the 2004 “Software Variability Management Workshop”: that our university organised. Many (or possibly even most) of the people around the world who research software variability were there. There were people from the UK, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Spain and of course of universities in the Netherlands (particulary theContinue reading “Software Variability Management Workshop”