Do you hate it too that your download manager slurps up all of your bandwidth? That because BitTorrent is using all of your precious upload bandwidth, loading a website takes two minutes? That the people you share your internet connection with are knocking on your door every time you’re downloading ehm… a Linux distribution?

Yeah, so did I. Until a couple of months ago when somebody told me about “NetLimiter”: Why I haven’t told you about until now? Because I needed to acquire some of their stock to gain most profit out of this massive publicity extravaganza that I’m hereby launching.¹^

So, what can NetLimiter do for you? NetLimiter allows you to limit the bandwidth usage of your applications individually (download and upload seperately) or even for all of your applications alltogether. It’s really simple to use and, basically, does exactly what you want it to do, the way you expect it to do it:

(Click to enlarge)

The only drawback is that it’s not free, a single-user license costs $29.95. Also, it’s only available for Windows. So if you’re running Linux or Mac OS X, you’re out of luck. There may be similar software available for those OSes, but I haven’t really found them as of yet.

“You can find NetLimiter here”:

¹^) I know this is redundant information, but I do not really own stock in NetLimiter’s company. I even doubt they’re a public company at all.