And There It Is…

A little less than a month ago I posted about an idea I had: “TorrentNet”: Today I read about the new plans for “”:, the biggest BitTorrent site: they’re going to decentralize BitTorrent. Sounds familiar? I’m not going to state that they got the idea from me (that would be highly doubtful). But I’m happy they’re doing it.

“Slyck News”:

Exeem is a new file-sharing application being developed by the folks at Exeem is a decentralized BitTorrent network that basically makes everyone a Tracker. Individuals will share Torrents, and seed shared files to the network. At this time, details and the full potential of this project are being kept very quiet. However it appears this P2P application will completely replace; no more web mirrors, no more bottle necks and no more slow downs.

Exeem will marry the best features of a decentralized network, the easy searchability of an indexing server and the swarming powers of the BitTorrent network into one program. Currently, the network is in beta testing and already has 5,000 users (the beta testing is closed.) Once this program goes public, its potential is enormous.