Do you hate it too that your download manager slurps up all of your bandwidth? That because BitTorrent is using all of your precious upload bandwidth, loading a website takes two minutes? That the people you share your internet connection with are knocking on your door every time you’re downloading ehm… a Linux distribution? Yeah,Continue reading “NetLimiter”

Mr. Period

Somebody showed me two comics yesterday that I find really great. They’re about Mr. Period. I’ll not inline them here because they contain some explicit language. So, before you click the links below, let your children leave the room if you believe that helps. Oh, and by the way, seriously, your kids will learn theContinue reading “Mr. Period”

Code Formatter I’m Working On

Yep, I’ve been programming a little in the past few days. A couple of months ago I “talked a little about post formatting”: and how I thought the BB-codes that today are used (like [b]bla bla bla[/b] for bold) are really not that great. Right now I’m working on my own ASCII to HTML converterContinue reading “Code Formatter I’m Working On”

MSN Desktop Search Launched

Yesterday night (my time), Microsoft has released a beta version of MSN Desktop Search. MSN Desktop Search is Microsoft’s answer to “Google Desktop Search”: Personally I think it’s also something meant as a temporary replacement for WinFS. Of course, it’s not nearly as advanced, but it does, what most people will consider to be theContinue reading “MSN Desktop Search Launched”

Rich Web UI: Search As You Type

Yesterday I talked a little about rich web UIs. I wasn’t the only one, apparantly, after the release of “Google Suggest”: the whole web-development-involved “blogosphere” is talking about it. A couple comments I got and found on my post say that we shouldn’t make web applications rich, because if you want richness, you should useContinue reading “Rich Web UI: Search As You Type”

Some Python Links

I have been looking around for some interesting Python resources today and this is what I found: * “Python vs PHP”:* “Guido van Rossum’s weblog”: (kinda dead)* “Python at Wikipedia”:* “A Byte of Python”: (online book)* “PyDev”: (Python Eclipse plugin)* “The Web Framework Shootout”:* “Python Frameworks and J2EE Standards”:* “Webware for Python”:* “Writing CGI ProgramsContinue reading “Some Python Links”