Bits and Pieces

First of all, I got my “TOEFL”: exam results. I scored 250 (out of 300), which is not bad. I needed 213 to be admitted to Trinity, so that will do.

Second, two very busy weeks are coming up. At the end of this week I have to finish up an article about handwriting recognition and a column for my communication skills class (heh, I mistyped that as communication kills before). Then, thursday and friday I got a “Software Variability Workshop”: (site not up ATM). That weekend we celebrate “Sinterklaas”: (like Christmas, with presents) with my dad’s family. Then next week I’ll have new assignments for my communication skills class (possible a debate) and we also have to submit our paper for the student colloquium. That weekend we celebrate Sinterklaas with my family here in Groningen.

So it’s going to be a very busy two weeks. Therefore I’ll either not post at all or much less. Just so you know.