The Independent Music Opportunity in Podcasting

First of all, this is not an original idea. But as I’ve heard it mostly being discussed in podcasts, I’ll take the idea back to text blogging and preted I’m the one who made it up (one of my pet-peeves).

At this moment it’s hard for a singer or band to get a record deal. There are much more singers/bands out there than can possibly be signed by record companies. It is possible to record your own CD and try to sell it, but it’s pretty hard and expensive. You have to do your own distribution and promotion.

For a while now there are sites on the internet like “Garageband”:, but the problem is that not many people will just go there and download music of artists they have never heard of.

That’s where podcasting comes in. Many podcasters want to play music in their shows, yet don’t have the money to license RIAA music. Many have now started playing songs by these independent artists. They get sent MP3 files and go to sites like Garageband to see what they like. This is a great way to promote music.

Podcasting undoubtly will get more and more popular over the next months and years. There will be shows that attrackt thousands of listeners. If these shows start playing your songs, you might very well be discovered and even get signed (if you still need that).

It’s quite amazing how much great music can be found on sites like Garageband. After downloading a dozen songs or so, I found a Canadian singer called “Christa Couture”: She’s really great. I’d be definately be intersted in her CDs and more of her music. Her are two of her songs:
* “Day 4”:
* “I Will”:

Finally something different than the artists that you keep hearing over and over and over on the radio.