TOEFL and Search News

I just came back from Arnhem where I did the “TOEFL”: exam. It went pretty well, and It’s almost for sure that I’ll score the necessary 213 points. I already have 207 points and my essay still has to be scored. That means that depending on my essay, I will score between 207 and 263 points. I’m sure it’s going to be OK.

In search news today, “Mozilla considers working on a desktop search tool”: Yeah people. Microsoft left a huge hole now they’re not going to include WinFS in Longhorn. We got “Google’s Desktop Search”: already. But knowing Mozilla, there’s a big chance that they’ll develop a cross-platform open source desktop search tool. It’s a little out their scope so it seems. But still, it would be cool to see an open source cross-platform desktop search tool.

For all Mac users who don’t know “Quicksilver”: yet. Go try it. It’s a tool, currently in beta, that allows you to quickly search through different sources of data. It’s primarily meant as a simple way to run common commands. For example, assume you have Bill Gates in your address book. Now, you want to send him an e-mail. With Quicksilver what you can do is just press Ctrl+space (from any application), which will make the QS screen come up. Then you just start typing (part of) his name and press enter. It will compose a new e-mail message to him. You can also quickly launch application using it. To launch firefox, I just have to press Ctrl+space, type “fir” and press enter and it’ll run. It’s very handy. There are many plug-ins that allow you to define more sources, such as firefox bookmarks, online dictionaries etc.

And last, but not least: Microsoft “will launch it’s new search engine tomorrow”:;?type=internetNews&storyID=6764958. The “MSN Search”: is currently in beta. I haven’t really used the new search engine myself yet. But competition is always good. Another interesting new search engine is “Clusty”: