Weblog Comment Spam

Aren’t communication channels great? We invented (snail) mail to send messages over long distances. We got spammed. We invented telephone which allowed to communicate with people all over the world in real-time. We got spammed. We invented e-mail, which sends text messages all over the world in seconds. We got spammed. We invented instant messaging to talk to people all over the world. We got spammed. And now we have weblogs, which allow us to share our thoughts with the whole world. And guess what? We get spammed.

In the past week or so I have been receiving lots of comment spam on this website. Apparantly some people call writing bots that visit weblogs and post a message to every single entry “marketing”. Luckily WordPress has a small feature to add comments that contain certain words or a particular number of links to a moderation queue. With just a couple of spam comments that works fine.

But when woke up this morning I found over two hundred of them in my mail box. Thank you very much “texas holdem”.

For now I changed the comment posting script so that it would just deny any comment that contains the word “poker” and some other, more vulgar terms. But I’m pretty sure that in time these people will make smarter spam message generators that will surpass my “system”. I seriously hope I don’t have to put these “Bayesian”:http://www.paulgraham.com/spam.html filters on the comments in the future, like we have to with e-mail nowadays.

I don’t want to ring any bells, but I find it surprising that, for as far as I’ve heard, forums haven’t become a victim of these massive spam attacks. But let’s please keep it that way.