Dear America

Dear America,

It has been some day, huh? Not only because of your elections, but also because of “the murder that was comitted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands”:§ion=news, while at your place the first voters entered their booths. You might not have heared about it, because you were in line at the time, though.

Is murder a new concept in the Netherlands then? No, but this is the second murder in the past few years that was commited because some guy, or some group of people, didn’t like the opinions expressed by that person. A couple of years ago the right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn was killed, because of the somewhat extremist opinions he conveyed. Yesterday, Theo van Gogh (indeed, a descendant of Vincent), a famous dutch columnist, film maker and TV personality, was killed because of the same reason. Theo was one of the people that criticized the Islam. He had very clear opinions on things related to the Islam and what he thought was wrong about it. But the most important thing he advocated was freedom of speech.

And now he’s dead.

From what we’ve heard, it was a rather gruesome murder aswell. First he was shot, then his throat was slit with a knife and after that he was stabbed and left with a note. So far the police hasn’t released what the note said, but it is rumoured that it was a segment of the Koran, the Islam bible. The murderer is said to be an Islam extremist.

America, you are often criticized for being an unsafe country without moral, but things like these don’t happen with you, right? When was the last political murder in the USA? John F. Kennedy in 1963? At our place people always talk about how insane the American culture is. But look what’s happening over there in the Netherlands…

After hearing the news yesterday, I thought: “Let’s just forget about Europe and focus our efforts on the USA. “ That was until I got up this morning and heared the prelimitary results of your election held yesterday. Bush… won? Kerry… lost? Over here everybody seemed to have the idea we’d be better off with Kerry as USA president, but apparantly you thought otherwise. And that’s fine, you know you best. We’re just your host. We don’t own you. You ought to make the best decission. But… Bush? Really?

Just promise us one thing: if you decide, for whatever reason, to invade another country, don’t get us actually involved *after* but *before* and listen to what we have to say.


Your sincerely,

The World