UML Virtual Machine

For a class I’m taking I’ve been reading a couple of papers on runtime generation of classes. You need this if you don’t know upfront how many classes, or even which classes you’ll need. There are a couple of solutions for this problem. Most interesting is the “UML Virtual Machine”: By now you’ll have heardContinue reading “UML Virtual Machine”

Language Oriented Programming

Sergey Dmitriev, of JetBrains, the company that develops the Java IDE “IntelliJ IDEA”:, wrote an article on Language Oriented Programming. According to Sergey, the current programming paradigms are seriously flawed and we need a new one. The question Sergey asked himself is why it is so that you can explain a solution to a problemContinue reading “Language Oriented Programming”

Again: Free Software vs Open Source

I’m really tired (had a long day), so I’ll only reiterate the difference between free software and open source today. Mainly because I’ve heard some people mixing them up here and there, not realizing there’s a fundamental difference between them. I described this difference in “Free Software, The Religion”:, but if you don’t feel likeContinue reading “Again: Free Software vs Open Source”

Java Syntactic Extender

There’s an interesting project at sourceforge called the Java Syntactic Extender. If you always thought that some control structures were missing in Java, like a proper foreach loop or built-in property support, this is your chance to add them. “The Java Syntactic Extender”: allows you to add your own keywords and control structures to Java.Continue reading “Java Syntactic Extender”

ZefCast 2004–11–21

Outline:* Best software essays of 2004 nomination . Lot of exposure, like on MSDN.* The Java Syntactic Extender* Article about handwriting recognition suitable for laymen in highschool* Student colloqium** Anatomy of a software bug* Dutch corner: “Do you know where the toilets are?” — “Weet u waar de WC’s zijn?” Download it here (length: 21:31, size: 10mb)