YAML, Because XML is for Wussies

Got that experience? The experience where you’re talking about XML with some of your friends or family and they look at you in that way. That “Gosh, you’re such a geek”-look. I haven’t had that experience, but you might have.

After talking to some of your close friends a bit more, you find out why they were giving you that look. “Don’t you know it man? XML is for wussies. Where have you been man?”

Wait, XML for wussies? But all those cool people like Don Box and Tim Bray live and breathe XML, what about them?

Apparantly, they’re not as cool as you thought. XML’s for people who were raised by angle brackets, it’s a fabricated world they live in. Damn. Who would’ve thought that? What should you do? And in particular, what should you do with your favourite shirt?

The real guys, so you learn — the ones that get all the chicks — use YAML. And YAML Ain’t Markup Language. Markup is like make-up. You don’t use make-up either, do you?

You computer geeks live in your own little world. With your brackets in their curly, square and angle shapes. You think you’re cool, don’t you? Let me show the difference between your geek world and the real YAML world:

Your shopping lists look like this:

<item>New hard drive (200Gb)</item>
<item>Big-ass stereo</item>
<item>Natural keyboard, without M$ keys</item>

Our shopping lists look like this:

- Vegetables
- Macaroni
- Hooverphonic CDs

Your personal phonebook looks like this:

<name>R. Stallman</name>
<number>1 555 23223</number>
<name>L. Torvalds</name>
<number>1 555 728172</number>

Ours look like this:

# Phonebook of cool people
Name: Britney Spears
Phone: 1 232 32131
Name: Kevin Federline
Phone: 1 232 32131
Name: Christina Ricci
Phone: 1 232 54544
Name: Lindsay Lohan
Phone: 1 555 2847

I asked Britney Spears, full-time hot chick, and this is what she said:

Britney: “Yeah, I dig YAML, it’s so much better than XML. I even prefer it over Justin, oops, Jason, oops I did it again. I meant Kevin.”
Kevin: “That’s great, thanks Britney.”

That says it all. Welcome to cool people’s world.