Apple’s New Products

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, has announced some new products yesterday. First off, the iTunes music store is now available in Canada and more European countries, in particular the Netherlands. Yay! I bought some tracks and it works very well and easy. Maybe a bit too easy, though. It’s literally one-click buying.

Apple also launched two new “iPods”: First off, the “U2 iPod”:, which is black with a red scrollwheel and comes with a U2 poster and $50 discount on the otherwise $149 package containing all of U2’s albums plus some rare tracks. It’ll cost $349, but I’m not a U2 fan or anything.

What’s more interesting is the new “iPod Photo”: I own a third generation 15Gb iPod (the most current one is the fourth generation) and it works very well for me. iTunes, which you use to synchronize your music library with the iPod, already was my music jukebox of choice. And now that there’s “iPodder”: and the iTunes music store, it’s even better. All my music needs in one application. Something that only Apple seems to be able to pull off. When I showed off my iPod I got people saying, “Wow, that’s a lot of space on that hard disk. Can you store pictures on it? Then you’d be able to use it as a secondary storage for all of your pictures.” Not a bad idea. I believe there are some accessories that allow you to put a compact-flash drive on your iPod and using that to store photos from your digital camera, through the CF card right on your iPod. Great.

Yesterday Apple announced the iPod Photo. It has a cool colour screen, it’s just as big as the normal iPod and has some nice features for handling photos. There’s a photo browser to quickly look through your photos, it is possible to do slide-shows on the small screen or on your TV. The latter can be done by connecting the iPod Photo to the TV using the cable that comes with it. That’s all very nice, but ehm… where’s the feature to load your photos directly from your camera onto the iPod Photo? This would, for many people, be *the* reason to want such an iPod Photo. But it doesn’t seem to support that. You need a PC/Mac to synchronize your photos to the iPod Photo…

It it me or did Apple just missed a major opportunity here? Or should I say, *the* opportunity.