Third Podcast and WordPress RSS Bug

My third podcast is here. It’s probably going to be the last (at least in this format). Outline:
* Music: The Corrs
* Adam Sandler’s Christmas Song
* “Ubuntu Linux”:
* “Microsoft-Watch interview with Joel Spolsky”:,1995,1681963,00.asp
* Soon on
* “Jan Terlouw’s weblog”:

Download it here (size: 13mb, length: 29:43)

I got complaints about non-working RSS feeds from a couple of people. My RSS feed works in my aggregators but apparantly it doesn’t is some others, like “SharpReader”: Yesterday somebody told me what the problem was.


For a while now my RSS aggregator wasn’t reading WordPress feeds anymore, and I didn’t understand why (not that I tried to, either).

Today I got tired of it, installed WordPress on my server, and found what was wrong: a typo. WordPress sends a misnamed header, and the .NET runtime (upon which 90% of RSS aggregators rely on PC) has become very picky with the latest security updates, and it just plain rejects the file.

So, if you have WordPress, and you want to be read (at least by me), you must edit the wp-blog-header.php file, replacing “Last Modified:” with “Last-Modified:” (ie, inserting an hyphen) on line 87.

And that’s all.

So, the problem is now fixed. Subscribe away. And all other WordPress users: you know what to do :)