Podcast Episode 2

I just recorded my second postcast. So enjoy. And yes, I realise I’m mumbling a bit, and will try to do better on that next time ;)

* Music by Shakira (from her older Spanish albums)
* Academic blogging
* Mac video
* Audiobooks (with sample)
* The Dutch Corner
* Upcoming at ZefHemel.com

Download it here (size: 9mb, length: 26:12)
Or subscribe to my RSS2 feed using “iPodder”:http://ipodder.sf.net: “RSS2 feed”:http://www.zefhemel.com/feed/rss2

* “Martin Bravenboer weblog”:http://mbravenboer.blogspot.com
* “The Mac Video”:http://whitehathouston.com/mac.wmv
* “J# video”:http://www.theserverside.net/talks/index.tss (the one with Brian Keller)