Service Announcement

Yesterday I finally decided it would be time to add the “interesting links” archive to the site. The interesting links section uses a “Wordpress”: “plugin”:, but the archive of the plugin uses its own HTML template. Today, finally, I rewrote the template to match this site’s design. I added a “Links”: tab to the site that will lead you to the last 12 links and also gives you access to the links archive.

Don’t confuse the links section with a links section a usual website has. My link section is more of a link-blog. It contains interesting articles that I find read-worthy, but which I’m probably not going to dedicate a blog post to. The links section also has a “RSS2 feed”:

Also, as I never officially announced this: there are printable versions available for each post by clicking on the “Print this” link under the post’s title.

As something to help you get through the day, here’s a little Google translation “joke”:

# Go to “Google’s translation service”:
# Now type “my mom is cool and nice” (without the quotes) in Translate Text
# Translate the text from English to Spanish using the options below
# You’ll get the following text “mi mama es fresca y agradable” (again without quotes)
# Now translate the same thing (the Spanish text) back to english using the options below
# What do you get?

And because I’m in a good mood: the most useless project of the month: “Nanoweb”:, an HTTP webserver written in… PHP. Just what we were waiting for.