A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I wanted “more audio content”:http://www.zefhemel.com/archives/2004/09/08/audio-books-and-content. I said the following about that:

bq. Imagine this: In the morning, you connect your MP3 player to your PC. All new audio items are downloaded and uploaded to your device. What gets loaded totally depends on, say, channels you’re subscribed to. A little like the new aggregators we use with RSS right now, to subscribe to newssites and weblogs, but for audio. Personally I’d be interested in that.

Only a week or so later I discovered Adam Curry’s “iPodder”:http://www.ipodder.org. Recently version 1.0 of the “software came out”:http://ipodder.sourceforge.net:

iPodder screenshot

It’s exactly what I was talking about. Not just a little, EXACTLY. It’s scary. You can subscribe to RSS feeds with so-called enclosures, which “attach” a (audio) file to a certain post. There’s already quite a “big list of feeds available”:http://www.ipodder.org/directory/4/podcasts. You can shedule iPodder to check for and download new files directly into iTunes (which then synchronizes them with your iPod). Apparantly not only the iPod is supported though, other devices are supported aswell through the windows media player. On the site it says:

bq. Other devices are supported through Windows Media Player. Any device that can exchange files with WMP will work with iPodder.

What you can expect from the content? It differs highly, they are mostly radio-show like, but often about very specific subjects. But honestly, you might aswell put up a feed with your song of the day (but all the usual legal rules apply).

I have only two problems right now:
# I’d like to specify one playlist where all my content is put (not one playlist per feed)
# I don’t have enough driving time to listen to all of this stuff

Oh well.