Mixed Company

I want to talk about mixed company a bit, with mixed meaning diverse, interests-wise. What I keep noticing at parties with mixed company is that some people don’t seem to be able to imagine at all that not everybody is interested in the same things as them.

People often say that computer nerds are the people that can’t talk about anything else than computers, but the problem is much bigger than that. Mathematicians do it. Pharmacists do it. My granddad does it.

Too often I find myself trying to end the computer-related discussions that somehow always seem to come up on family birthdays. Believe me, I never started one, I know many people there don’t care about them at all, so I choose to avoid them. After having ended the previous one with “I’ll look into that, let’s talk about it later”, a new one pops up. I guess I’m just too polite to just say “Listen, half of the people here don’t care at all about this, yet they have to listen to it. Let’s just stop, okay?”

So instead I’ll post about it here. So, before you start the who-knows-how-manieth discussion about your PC, look around the room and ask yourself: is everybody interested in this?