Teaching PHP In Africa?

There’s a chance that I might be teaching PHP in Eritrea, Africa. It’s a small chance, but it’s there. Apparantly there’s a project running from our University to help a University at Eritrea. The initial idea was that my dad (who teaches at university) would go to teach them to use Frontpage and develop a university website using that. However, now they stated that they don’t want to use Windows because it’s “all virus virus virus”.

Apparantly they want to use PHP to build their website, but at my dad’s departement there’s not much PHP knowledge. When my dad said I had some, they looked into a possebility that I’d be going with him. Today they approved that idea. There is no certainty that we’re actually going, because the people at Eritrea haven’t responded yet. But we’ll see what happens. If we do go I have some things to prepare, for example, what’s a good PHP book for beginners? Any suggestions are welcome. Also I’d have to get some injections to avoid sicknesses.

Eritrea is a country in the north-east of Africa. There’s not much I know about it, it said said not to be very hot there. Also we have no idea how many people we’d be teaching, what they already know or even how good their English is.

I’ll keep you informed.