Organizational Behaviour

I started with the System and Software Engineering master at our university. What’s nice about a master here is that you get to freely choose one of the classes you take, every block (two blocks in a semester, two semesters in a year -> 4 blocks in a year). After looking around I decided it would be best to take a course from the business faculty, because face it, most academia, who study computing science, end up at some sort of (project) management job. I chose to go with a class called “Organizational Behaviour” (or as we call it: “Gedrag in Organisaties”). It’s the first class for those who go to business school for the first year, which is fun. It’s fun to see how different the people are over there. No long hair, no glasses, no beards, they don’t even run away when you start talking to them. It’s creapy, I know.

When I went to buy the class’s book, I noticed the advantage of a class with over 200 students in it: the book store has a huge pile of the right books. If we get our CS books, we have to order them a couple of weeks upfront and even then they’re late most of the time. But here you just go to the store and get it. But I also noticed the first disadvantage of taking a business school class: the book costed €69 (about 73 USD). I always complained CS books are expensive, but man. When I had a look inside the book I knew why it was so expensive, though: it was full colour. “They’ll do anything to distract the students from how boring it really is.” a friend said. “Yah,” I added, “and I heard babies like bright colours too.”

Sorry. It’s the easy kind of making fun of people I hate so much. But please let me enjoy my few minutes of fun, they laugh at us too: “Look at ehm… his glasses! Hey, four eyes!” I don’t wear glasses. I know. I never said they were funny, just that they laugh at us too, for whatever reason.

First lecture. “Alright everyone, we’ll start off with some house rules. One: sit at the front rows. Second: always be on time. Third: be quiet when the professor is talking.” I remember our teacher telling us that too, at the start of our first year… of primary school.


Enough with the jokes. I have great respect for managers and the like. Managing people isn’t an easy task, it involves more than yelling at people and drinking coffee. No irony there, I mean it. That’s why I chose Organizational Behaviour, it’s about psychology. How do people think? How do get them to do what you want? It’s a very interesting field.

Wahaha, got you there!

Just kidding, the kidding was just kidding. To rephrase: I was, actually, being serious.

*Editor’s note:* Previous drafts of this post (yeah, WordPress’ drafts rule!) had a couple more paragraphs worth of “kidding” word jokes, which I scratched, because they were just too lame and would dissolve Zef’s credibility as a whole, whatever was left. Sorry for the inconvenience. Although, actually, you should thank me, I saved you a whole lot of wasted time by editing that stuff out.