It’s The Little Group

Microsoft guy: “Hey, I’m John Something from Microsoft, who are you?”
You: “I’m your worst nightmare.”

Sounds like your ultimate dream scenario? Yes? How sad are you, really? Did you like doing that when you were in kindergarten? “No, I won’t play with you, because… because… you stink!”

I watched a documentary Revolution OS a couple of days ago. It’s about Linux and how open source got started. The documentary starts out just like this entry does. The anecdote is told by Eric S. Raymond. If you know a little about the open source community, you must know Eric Raymond. He’s the guy that started the Open Source Initiative.

Have you ever had that feeling: you totally love this singer. He or she makes the greatest music and has the best voice you’ve ever heard. You love this person. Until he or she starts talking… You’ve never known somebody so ignorant, never heard somebody say such dumb things. Good that they can sing, because obviously, they can’t do anything else. It’s amazing how many of my favourite artists are total morons. My new strategy is that if there’s this new artist I like, I consistently ignore all interviews with this person that pop up. Believe me, it’s for the best.

In this case, it’s kind of like that. I mean, I like open source and I think it’s good that it’s here. But please, please let those “major” open source advocates shut up. “I’m your worst night mare.” Gosh, grow up! How low can you go? It’s because of people like this that I don’t like to be associated with the open source community. “Open source? Isn’t that a group of nerds that act like…”

Open source nerds

It’s the little group that spoils it for the rest.