The Church of XML

Have you ever felt that empty feeling inside, the feeling that something in your life is missing? If you have, then you probably don’t know about XML yet. XML is like all your dreams fulfilled; everything that seemed unrelated, coming together. See the light, taste the honey, enter the world of XML.

XML is great. XML can do everything. There’s something for everyone in XML. It can store structured data and it’s verifiable, it’s simplicity at its best. It’s the basis we all build on. Purity is our goal. Everything around XML should be XML, this way we can create our own XML world. With XML trees and XML flowers. With hot XML women dancing around. The world is so much better if it’s XML. HTML was nice because it looked a lot like XML, but it’s so much sexier now it’s XHTML. XML is clean, XML is it.

XML is the end of the best-tool-for-the-job debate. XML is the tool. XML is the ultimate answer. It’s the Pi of computer science. But as long as XML isn’t generally accepted we still have to deal with unenlightened data. Heathenism has always been hard to deal with. Many attempts have been made to disguise unenlightened data and silently get it into the XML world. The most succesful attempt so far is the base64/CDATA combo. It is often whispered that the CDATA backdoor only causes trouble, but it’s part of XML and XML is sacred. Thou shallt not doubt XML’s plan. XML has her reasons.

XML is female. Of course she is. XML is beautiful, XML is sexy, everybody wants a piece of her, and everyone can have a piece of her. But XML is not to own, XML is all about sharing. Perfection is also one of XML’s properties. Perfection on a higher level. It’s not about verboseness, it’s not about efficiency, it’s about openness, sharing and most of all: love. You don’t need condoms if you’ve got XML-DOMs. (Feel free to use that one.)

The true power of XML centers around the opening left angle bracket. It’s what gives us hope, it’s what tells us: hold on, there’s much more coming. But don’t underestimate the power of the closing right bracket either. It doesn’t mean it’s over, yet, it could be, it’s what adds that little spice you needed. The final closing right bracket also denotes the final frontier, the end of all. The world of XML is a world of certainty; if you know how it starts, you can also guess how it will end. Between the first opening left bracket and the last closing right bracket our whole world lives. It’s where objects are born and, eventually, where they will die.

I won’t touch a thing that’s not XML. I will do everything in XML. I’ll store my settings in XML; I’ll store my data in XML; I’ll transform my data with XML; I’ll query my data with XML; I’ll communicate using XML; I’ll validate using XML; I’ll read my news in XML; I’ll store my graphics in XML; I will only use office suites supporting XML; I’ll get notified of changes using XML; I’ll use programming languages that incorporate XML; and soon, I’ll create my user interfaces in XML. Do like me, and join the church of XML.

XML is my true love, and it can be yours. If you choose to embrace XML, as did I, we’ll all become one. You’ll not just join any church, you’ll join the church of XML. We don’t believe in boundaries within the XML world, the XML world knows no boundaries inside. The only thing we ask from you is to stay faithful to XML. If you’re having a hard time, hold on to XML. XML has a plan, everything happens for a reason.

XML is gaining momentum, every single day. The number of XML converts is growing and growing. We got people everywhere. In all major software companies, on all strategic places. Why else would, for example, Microsoft support XML? To strengthen their market position? I don’t think so. It’s all about sharing XML. XML is the answer, XML is the key, XML is all.

Why would there be thousands of books about XML? Not any of those books could just be about the angle brackets. They tell you that there’s so much more to it than that. If you already own such an XML book, you probably have already tasted some of the XML love. Good for you, give in to it.

So, do as many did before you. Join the church of XML.