Microsoft, Are You Crazy?

If you think about Windows Longhorn, what do you think about? You should be thinking about WinFS, Indigo and Avalon. WinFS being the database-like layer on top of the NTFS filesystem (“make finding files as fast as finding websites on Google”); Indigo being the new all-in communication package; and Avalon being the new vector-based graphics engine (no more bitmaps, windows and widgets can scale as much as you want).

That’s great. But what’s Microsoft doing now Well, they’re doing a couple of things. First off, they’re dropping WinFS for Longhorn. Personally I’d find this the most important feature to keep, but OK. Second, they will make Indigo and Avalon available for Windows XP and 2003 aswell. That’s great isn’t it? Yes, that’s great, but incredibly stupid. For our sake, that’s all what Longhorn is. It’s Longhorn without the Longhorn.

Why would I want to buy Longhorn now? Because it makes me buy a new 3Ghz PC?

Edit: A video about why this change was made, just came out on Channel 9