Town Visit

I just went into town to buy myself a new bag, some CDs and possibly other stuff. First I shopped for a school bag. The store I was in (V&D) has a special section for high-school students at this time of year. On one hand I don’t like to be seen there, being a university student, but on the other hand it’s always to fun to laugh at the slogans they use that supposibly have to attract 12–18 year-olds. Although the Netherlands is a Dutch-speaking country, English is more and more used for targeting exactly these high-school kids. “V&D makes school rock!” — Sure it does.

Anyways. I picked a bag, which was quite pricy, but well, how often do you buy a new bag? I got my current one about 7 or 8 years ago. I went to go pay for it, but somebody pointed me to a poster saying that you’d get a €80-worth bag for free when you got a €9.95 Radio 538 diary. Radio 538 is the most popular pop-music station for the R’n’B, Sugar babes lovin’ people in the 12–25 range; not a group I belong to, nor want to be affiliated with. But as the bag I picked was €50, I decided to do it anyway, it was a €40 saving, I’d ritually burn the diary when I’d get home.

Before I went home I popped into the quite-big book store we have. I always have a look at the CS section to see if anything nice is for sale there. And it appeared a lot of books were 50%-off, sadly only quite bad books. Many O’Reilly books were 20%-off, which meant that finally I’d not have to file for bankrupcy after I bought a pocket-guide of some kind. Sadly there were only books that either I already had, didn’t care about or had too much books about already. As I was browsing a girl passed.


All went black.

While store-staff was doing CPR on me in order to get my heart back to work, a friend of the girl shouted: “Hey! That’s the computer science section, what are you doing there?” — “Oh. Oh, nothing!” and she ran off.

After I had some water and rested for a while, I decided to go downstairs to the economy section to see if they got “The Innovator’s Dilemma”: They didn’t have it in stock, sadly. When I returned back upstairs I saw that the same girl was browsing the CS books again, her friend had gone.