The Gmail Experience

For those unfortunate who haven’t been invited to Gmail (I pity you), I’ll put up a couple of screenshots that might give you a slight idea of how Gmail works and why it is better than any webbased mail I have ever used. I’ll not be talking about “accessibility”: or “the privacy issues”:, just aboutContinue reading “The Gmail Experience”


“Mark Pilgrim”: talks about how his writing and hearing editor’s comments on his “Dive into Python”: book made him more sensitive for spelling and grammatical errors. As a non-native speaker I’m sure I’ve made many, many mistakes. In the article Mark points to the Brittish “’Apostrophe Protection Society’”: which thankfully lists all apostrophe (for thoseContinue reading “Capostrophe”

Noteworthy Mac related

* “Broken Windows”: is about why users using Windows are flooded with virusses and spyware and Mac users are not.* “Making An Operating System Faster”: gives tips on how to optimize OS X.* “Desktop Manager”: is an open source virtual desktop manager for OS X. It allows you to have multiple desktops and quickly switchContinue reading “Noteworthy Mac related”

Java to be open sourced

“Sun for the first time explicitely said Java will be open sourced”:,2000061733,39149502,00.htm. When this will happen is still very unsure, to quote the ZDNet article: bq. “We haven’t worked out how to open-source Java — but at some point it will happen,” Srinivas said. However, he noted “it might be today, tomorrow or two years down theContinue reading “Java to be open sourced”