KeyTopic for Sale

As many of you know, “I don’t enjoy actual programming as much as I used to”:/archives/2004/03/13/the-change. As I suggested back when I talked about that, I already suggested we’d be selling “KeyTopic”:, and we will be. Currently KeyTopic is owned by a company I set up with two friends a year ago or so, called “MillHouse Solutions”:

“KeyTopic”: is a bulletin board system written in “Java”:, utilizing JSP(Java Server Pages) for the lay-out (and therefore is fully templated) and “MySQL”: as a database backend. A (maybe little outdated) “feature list may be found here”: For the past two years it has been used by many students of our university, right now it’s used by many groups doing a software engineering class. Responses have been great.

We’re looking for a company to take over the whole product. KeyTopic currently isn’t finished entirely yet (mainly a installer is missing), but nevertheless we have already sold a copy. The price we set for KeyTopic licensenses until now is $1000, but you’re free to alter that of course.

If you have questions or are interested, feel free to e-mail either me (zef(at) or our PR guy Joost (joost(at)

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