Moved to WordPress

I’ve moved my blog to “WordPress”: This makes maintaining my blog easier and allows me to do blogging via my desktop as WordPress supports the Blogger and other XMLRPC(eXtensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Calls) interfaces. Also, this tool automatically does archiving, so you don’t have to browse the 800+ items counting list when looking for a post I posted 2 weeks ago. Also this blog support backtracking, pinging etc. etc. Another, to me very important, thing is that I can disable the comments feature on some posts. So I don’t have to listen to the filthy crap people want to say about for example our dear friend the “Starwars kid”:

The current code formatter I use (TextTile 2.0) als does nice things like nicely formatting “quotes” and the such.

I wrote an importer to import all my current posts into WP and it works quite nicely, not all posts will be perfect, but still it’s better than nothing. Also, no links will be broken, links such as “”: are automatically forwarded to the right page (using mod_rewrite).