New language features in C# 2.0

O’Reilly’s ONDotNet: Four years ago, a new upstart language named C# surprised the development world with its elegance and consistency. Now that Microsoft has released a technology preview version of Visual Studio 2005 (formerly codenamed Whidbey), .NET’s favorite language is back with some new innovations. In this two-part series, you’ll get a first look at threeContinue reading “New language features in C# 2.0”

J2SE 1.6: Finally a shared VM

InfoWorld: J2SE 1.6, which is scheduled for a beta release this fall with general availability eyed for 2005, is slated to feature an “isolates” function to boost application-sharing in the JVM, according to Murali Kaundinya, senior Java architect for Sun Software Services. The isolates capability would enable isolated entities to perform localized computation without requiringContinue reading “J2SE 1.6: Finally a shared VM”

WinFS to be implemented only partly in Longhorn

BusinessWeek: To get the already-delayed follow-up to Windows XP out the door by 2006, it has decided to omit some of the most ambitious features […] To get Longhorn out the door in its new timeframe, Microsoft has curbed its ambition. In a Mar. 4 e-mail to Windows workers, Vice-President Joe Peterson broke the news:Continue reading “WinFS to be implemented only partly in Longhorn”