Moved to a VPS

I’ve moved again! This time to my very own VPS (Virtual Private Server). A host offering VPSes has a server with a load of memory in which it runs multiple virtual machines, each VM has it’s own memory, CPU power, partitions and files. That means that from the user perspective it seems like you’re hiring a dedicated server. You get root access and can install any software you like. Of course, that’s very cool. I can now install mod_python, java, mono, CVS, Subversion and any other application I like. I just moved to the new server and my mail is hosted there too.

Drawback is that you have to install everything yourself, I started with a clean Debian install and had to get apache, ftp and the mail servers to work myself (which wasn’t easy). But I did it :)

I got 3gb of space (but remember I have to store all my system files there too), 128mb of RAM and unmetered traffic (upto 1tb/month I believe). It’s hosted at JVDS which I heard lots of positives stories about (at

We’ll see how it goes and let’s see what I’ll host here, unmetered traffic, that opens a lot of perspectives. :)