WinFS to be implemented only partly in Longhorn


To get the already-delayed follow-up to Windows XP out the door by 2006, it has decided to omit some of the most ambitious features


To get Longhorn out the door in its new timeframe, Microsoft has curbed its ambition. In a Mar. 4 e-mail to Windows workers, Vice-President Joe Peterson broke the news: “I think we all recognize that we need to turn the corner on Longhorn,” Peterson wrote. On Mar. 19, he outlined how Microsoft plans to scale back: “We are going to focus on doing fewer things, and doing them well.” The current plan calls for the file system to work on PCs but not extend to files shared over a corporate network.

Microsoft, please, just push your deadlines backwards and release it in 2007, we don’t want another half-baken operating system. And WinFS is one of the coolest features in Longhorn.