Online Writing Style

Each day I get about 2 comments to either my “MSN nicknames should be forbidden” or “Starwars kid moves” entry. If they’re not offensive (some people enjoy yelling at this Starwars kid figure in, well, let’s just say “inappropriate wording”) they use very poor language.

Some examples:

I think dat all u pplz who dont change their nick names are jus 2 f*cking borring, like hello sum social life use must ave?! well i think its good wen u change ur name it means tht u can think of a bettter name then the 1 u have for over half a year! times r changin my freind look out ya window…


That is some funny A$$ sh*t!!!! wow!Y would he tape himself omg thats great


SWK is GOD!!!11

You get the idea… I find it amazingly sad, what’s wrong with using proper language? Is it cool to talk like that?

Enough reason to dedicate a little article to: Online Writing Style Tips

Not that these people would care, but what the heck.