WordPerfect for Linux back?

Version 8 of WordPerfect, once the most popular word processor in the world, also had a version for Linux. However a while ago Corel stopped offering this version.

Now, however, they might be releasing WordPerfect 9 for Linux aswell. A good idea, however I fear they’re too late. For many people and companies using Linux OpenOffice and StarOffice are far more obvious choices.


A Corel representative said the company’s online store will begin selling a “proof-of-concept” Linux-native version of WordPerfect on April 15. “This pilot project is designed to determine the feasibility of developing future Linux versions of WordPerfect or WordPerfect Office,” the representative said.

Corel previously produced a Linux-native version of WordPerfect 8, released in 1998, and offered a Linux-translated version of WordPerfect 9 in 2000, when Linux was still a cornerstone of the company’s broader strategy.