Microsoft Visual C++ compiler for free

MSDN: The Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 includes the core tools developers need to compile and link C++-based applications for Windows and the .NET Common Language Runtime: Microsoft C/C++ Optimizing Compiler and Linker. These are the same compiler and linker that ship with Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional! C Runtime Library and the C++ Standard Library, includingContinue reading “Microsoft Visual C++ compiler for free”

Go Apple!

A week ago or so I ordered an iBook. However, a day or two ago Apple introduced iBooks which are a bit faster, have more memory and have a better video card I believe. Damn, I thought, I probably can’t cancel my order anymore. However, when I checked my order yesterday I saw that myContinue reading “Go Apple!”

Channel 9

Channel Channel 9 started as a personal story from one of us about fear of flying. Lenn realized after years of dealing with it, that it was actually a fear of the unknown. The fear was conquered through learning. The more transparency into what it took to fly a plane, the more the fearContinue reading “Channel 9”

OOPerl 6

The Twelfth Apocalypse about Perl 6 (OOP in Perl 6) by Larry Wall has been published. And god, this one makes you dizzy. I quickly looked through the first 9 pages but god, it’s confusing. Everyone who knows a bit of Perl knows there a million ways to do one particular thing, well in PerlContinue reading “OOPerl 6”