Apple isn’t better then Microsoft, as Linux users may think


I’m sitting here reading Slashdot, and actually reading some of the comments. The Linux users seem to love Apple, including many who clearly have never even used one in their life. And the number one reason they like Apple, is that they have the false impression that Apple actually is supporting Linux!

Apple is probably one of the companies who supports Linux the least and is doing the worst for Linux. Infact, one of Apple’s biggest targets is infact Linux users to switch them over. Apple is willing to take from the Linux community (KHTML for example), but not give back. Because of the license that KHTML was released under, they were forced to give the changes back, but they clearly didn’t want to. To prove that they didn’t, they waited months and months to submit the patch set back to the KHTML developers until it was useless, as it was for an old version, and violated the GNU GPL for some time. Apple has setup webpages encouraging educational organizations to switch from Linux and supports Microsoft Windows more then it supports Linux.

Apple has gone and released QuickTime and now iTunes for Windows, and now calls it cross platform. The iPod is “for Mac and Windows” and Apple commonly refers to Windows as a PC. Apple has not released ANY software for Linux, with a couple small exceptions on server daemons for the clients which they do not support on Linux. Apple doesn’t even recognize that Linux exists beyond its anti-Linux advertising campaigns and the work it has taken from it. I just find it weird that the Linux folks are so pro-Apple because they use our stuff even though Apple is just doing that, and is very anti-Linux.

After reading several comments at Slashdot, I must say I have come to the following conclusion: Apple is worse then Microsoft, they take from you then shove you into the ground and support the competitors who have given basically nothing (for free) to them more then they support you.