Timing Perfect for Sun’s Java Desktop System


While the EU finalizes a fine of $613 million relating to Microsoft’s antitrust violations, Sun Microsystems appears poised to capture a large piece of the desktop market for Intel based personal computers. As Sun says on their Web Site, they have “delivered the first viable Microsoft Windows alternative in fifteen years”.

Since December, I have examined Sun’s Java Desktop System (JDS) daily and compared it to every desktop operating system I could find. Some may not consider this a productive activity but I enjoy the work. Why have I done it? To complete a book on JDS for one publisher and a market survey for another.

Much of my research occurred in a lab where I compared JDS to every distribution of Linux I could find. I also compared JDS to Windows 98SE to XP and to Apple’s Macintosh OS9 and OS X. I admit, my findings surprised me.