Novell to Combine Best of KDE and Gnome


Novell’s Linux-oriented divisions, Ximian and SuSE, will work together to make one common Novell Linux desktop from Gnome’s and KDE’s best features, Novell Inc. CEO Jack Messman revealed in an interview at the company’s annual BrainShare trade show here.

Ximian has been the main power behind Gnome, while SUSE has been KDE’s chief backer. Supporters of the two interfaces have often sparred with each other in flame wars on Slashdot, mailing lists and newsgroups.

KDE supporters insisted that Bruce Perens, an open-source leader and founder of the UserLinux initiative, include KDE as well as his choice of Gnome for the initiative’s desktop interface. Reasoning that the business community would want a single desktop choice, Perens eventually decided to incorporate KDE as well.

Messman said, “Our customers are creating the demand for a Linux desktop, and they’re telling us they want one interface. So, we’re going to migrate to a single Linux desktop.”

Working together, SUSE and Ximian have the programming muscle to accomplish the task, Messman said.

But the move is not an attempt to merge the two interfaces, said Chris Schlager, vice president of research and development for SUSE.

Good I say :)