Have you developed a cool video game using Java technology?


Enter it in the 2004 Java Technology Game Development Contest and compete for $50,000 in prizes!

Using the power of Java technology, Sun is driving new innovation into today’s games market. With Java technology, developers are enabled to simplify their development process and create richer games reaching across a multitude of devices and platforms.

Sun would like to further encourage great game development and continue to grow the adoption of the Java technology by sponsoring the 2004 Java Technology Game Development Contest. This is for independent video game developers. The entry period begins at 9:00am Pacific Time on March 24, 2004 and runs through 9:00am Pacific Time on June 7, 2004.

This is your chance to gain fame and win prizes from GameSpy, AMD, and Tapwave. There’s no entry fee, and you can enter multiple games in the contest. The judges for the contest will be: Sun Microsystems, Inc., GameSpy, Tapwave, AMD, and Mark DeLoura, founding editor of the Game Programming Gems series from Charles River Media.