“Why I Like PLT Scheme”


When I tell programmers that my favorite programming language is Scheme, they tend to react as though I’d told them my favorite snack were packing styrofoam or my favorite music were junior high orchestra recordings: those who can even bring themselves to believe me mostly wonder what on Earth I could be thinking. Some wonder if I’ve ever programmed in a real language like C or C++ (I have), if I’m one of those academic nuts who cares more about proving theorems about programs than actually using them for real work (I’m not), or if all those parentheses have rotted my brain (probably). So what could make me like this weird language with no for loop and so many parentheses it makes you crosseyed?

In this article, I’ll show you by way of example. By the time I’m finished I hope I’ll also have convinced you that you might want to give it a shot yourself.

I actually looked at Scheme a couple of weeks ago, I think it’s quite a nice language but the enormous amount of parentheses you have to use. This is a good tutorial I found.