Microsoft has taken the fun out of Programming

Michael Earls:

The trigger for my thoughts on this matter was the receipt of the latest issue of MSDN magazine. In it, Dino Esposito writes an awesome article on dynamic image generation in ASP.NET. He mentions an upcoming feature in ASP.NET 2.0 called the DynamicImage control (class?).

Damn, that was my project! I had finally found something that I could solve that had not already been handled by the .NET framework (well, not in ASP, anyway). I created a custom HTTP handler to generate the image based on a special URL and a custom server control to generate that URL. I have even designed in localization and globalization based on text found in a resource file. I’ve even given presentations on it at various technical gatherings. It was my “ticket” into stardom, my “Freebird”, my “Come sail away”, my “Orinoco Flow”, my “Master of Puppets”, my “Return to Innocence”. Man, it was my masterpiece.

So, as with everything in the development universe, Microsoft and its endless supply of freakin’ geniuses has saved the day. This is the frustrating part about being a modern day programmer. Sure the pay is good, but with Microsoft solving all of the problems for us, we’re left with all the boring business implementation details.

I need to hurry up and work for Microsoft so I can stay with the fun stuff. If I stay in the business realm for ten more years, I’m going to find myself in my own office with a nice view of the pond and a great salary package, a team of fifty developers at my disposal. Wait, is that such a bad thing? I don’t know, but I sense that there will come a day when I will miss all the code I wrote “back in the good ol’ days”. I can’t tell you if this is sadness or elation. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two. With wisdom comes responsibility, I suppose. Maybe I can join the conference circus or something to sooth the pain a little. As a conference speaker, at least I could talk about programming.

Exactly, many of the things that are included in .NET/ASP.NET are very cool to develop all by yourself, but it’s all there :(