Apple isn’t better then Microsoft, as Linux users may think

aent: I’m sitting here reading Slashdot, and actually reading some of the comments. The Linux users seem to love Apple, including many who clearly have never even used one in their life. And the number one reason they like Apple, is that they have the false impression that Apple actually is supporting Linux! Apple isContinue reading “Apple isn’t better then Microsoft, as Linux users may think”

Eclipse 3.0 M8

I haven’t had much time to check out if new Eclipse releases were available but today I saw 3.0 Milestone 8 is out (last one I checked out was M6), some nice stuff in there. Read release notes of M8 or of M7. Download it from

PHP adoption

Joey deVilla: Over the past 5 years, PHP adoption has climbed at a steady and impressive rate. According to Security Space’s February 2004 audit of Apache modules in use, PHP ranked number one, with over 5.2 million modules (53.18% of all machines surveyed) installed on servers that they were able to count. This number isContinue reading “PHP adoption”

Study: File-Sharing No Threat to Music Sales

Yahoo: Internet music piracy has no negative effect on legitimate music sales, according to a study released today by two university researchers that contradicts the music industry’s assertion that the illegal downloading of music online is taking a big bite out of its bottom line. Songs that were heavily downloaded showed no measurable drop inContinue reading “Study: File-Sharing No Threat to Music Sales”

Extensible C#

ResolveCorp has developed an enhanced version of the C# language. It adds features like automatic pre-condition checking, analysis of useless assignments, code obfuscation and some other features. Website — Powerpoint presentation

Site updates

Alright, thanks to 0zone, I now have a design that works in Mozilla, Opera and IE and still validates. Thank you 0zone! Also, I got rid of the Wiki I had setup. Wikis are nice, but not ideal for a one-person site as mine is. I put back the articles in the Articles section.


I love music very much and odd thing is that I like nearly all music. If you’re open to new a bit more alternative kinds of music, I have a couple of tips for you here. h3. Shakira Although Shakira recently made a huge breakthrough all over the world, personally I’m not really fond ofContinue reading “Music”