MSDN TV: Visual C# “Whidbey”

A new episode of MSDN TV: Visual C# “Whidbey” will include several IDE enhancements including a first-class code editor with rich editing features, a powerful debugger, and drag-and-drop visual designers. The video shows some new editting features in Visual Studio such as refactoring and code expansion and the use of generics.

.NET Garbage Collection

Paul Wilson posts a couple of small articles about garbage collection in .NET: .NET GC Myth #1 — Set Object to Null.NET GC Myth #2 — The GC Frees Memory.NET GC Best Practice — ALWAYS Call Dispose.NET GC is Excellent — Better Than Java

Database basics

Sean McCow gives us a couple of database tips: Separate your data and log files onto separate disks Review your indexes and queries Stay on top of your server’s memory Create baselines and benchmarks for your database servers


Ever heard of Mason? No? Neither had I until a couple of days ago, when Chris Griego told me about it. Apparantly, Amazon the biggest online bookstore, is using it for its website. Or at least that’s what this job page makes you believe: You will be responsible for real-time operational support of the team’sContinue reading “Mason”

Java beats .NET for processing XML

Sun benchmarked the performance in XML processing for both Java and .NET and big surprise Java won: “We strongly encourage the reader to conduct the test independently and review the specific performance results. The reader will confirm our findings: that for almost all meaningful cases, the XML processing solutions of the Java platform offer the bestContinue reading “Java beats .NET for processing XML”

Mac OS X ‘most secure servers’

From Macworld UK: The security firm’s Intelligence Unit has run a comparitive study of the variety of operating systems available today. It states: “The world’s safest and most secure online server Operating System (OS) is proving to be the Open Source family of BSD (Berkley Software Distribution) and Mac OS X based on Darwin.” It’sContinue reading “Mac OS X ‘most secure servers’”


Nemerle is a new programming language that compiles to CIL (fka MSIL, Microsoft Ingermediate Language, now Common Intermediate Language). Its features: simplicity, C#-like syntax, easy to use object system (derived directly from the .NET), easy access to both functional and imperative features, powerful code-generating macros, variants, pattern matching, static and on-demand dynamic typing, type inference. ItContinue reading “Nemerle”