MarkupCompilation: XAML, BAML, .g.cs Details

Rob Relyea: “WinFX allows you use XAML to declaratively define your UI, interactive media, or document. XAML is a great way to define these things. However, XAML isn’t what we’d prefer to use at runtime. With HTML, parsing of the .html file is done at runtime. This leads to the following problems: 1) the runtime spendsContinue reading “MarkupCompilation: XAML, BAML, .g.cs Details”

The Mac lovers of Microsoft

SeatlePI: “McDonough works in Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit, one of the closest things to neutral ground in a computer world divided into technological factions. The Mac BU, as it’s known, makes Microsoft software for Apple computers, bridging the gulf between the companies’ operating systems and linking their respective followers in the process. It may beContinue reading “The Mac lovers of Microsoft”