Hillel Cooperman and Tjeerd Hoek Talk Longhorn

WinSuperSite: “Hillel Cooperman and Tjeerd (“cheered”) Hoek are two of the key figures in the Windows User Experience team at Microsoft, and they’ve worked on some the company’s more advanced user interface projects over the past several years, including MSN “Mars,” Internet Explorer/shell, Windows “Neptune,” Windows XP, and now Longhorn. While my first (somewhat humorous)Continue reading “Hillel Cooperman and Tjeerd Hoek Talk Longhorn”

The art of writing Linux utilities

IBM developerWorks: “Linux and other UNIX-like systems have always come with a broad variety of tools that perform functions ranging from the obvious to the arcane. The success of UNIX-like programming environments comes largely from the quality and selection of tools, and the ease with which they can be joined together. As a developer, youContinue reading “The art of writing Linux utilities”

Advanced UI design for GNOME

IBM developerWorks: “GTK programming has almost never been this easy: IBM developer Vladimir Silva shares his skills, his enthusiasm, and his modified code for the SimpLIstic sKin interface (or SLIK). SLIK (SimpLIstic sKin interface — see the Resources section later in this article for a link) provides a great tool for building advanced user interfaces in LinuxContinue reading “Advanced UI design for GNOME”

Novell Ditches UnitedLinux, Joins Eclipse

Linux Today: “In a Q&A at the end of a Novell press conference, Messman said that “there’s no value to us to work in in the UnitedLinux space,” now that SCO has opted out of Linux. Messman added, though, that there’s no reason why Novell can’t continue its partnerships with both Asia-based TurboLinux and Latin-America-basedContinue reading “Novell Ditches UnitedLinux, Joins Eclipse”

Nokia prefers Python to Perl for smartphone scripting

Through Dagur:The Register: “Nokia tells us that Python, not Perl, is the preferred language for scripting on its smartphone platforms. Last week Lee Epting, the VP responsible for developer programs, told us that an internal build of Perl for Series 60 would make its way into the wider world. This is still the plan, butContinue reading “Nokia prefers Python to Perl for smartphone scripting”