Sun to emphasize Linux commitments

InfoWorld: “”Our entire line of development tools, both our Java development tools as well as C, C++, and Fortran tools, will be made available on Linux by the end of this calendar year,” said Sanjay Sarathy, director for developer programs at Sun, on Wednesday.

Tools included in this effort are Sun Studio, Sun Java Studio Enterprise, and the upcoming Sun Java Studio Creator, which the company has been portraying as its easy-to-use tool for Java development.”

Sun will also launch a second version of it’s Java Desktop System:
InfoWorld: “Sun released last year the debut version of the Java Desktop System (JDS), its attempt to win a share in the desktop operating system (OS) and applications market away from Microsoft Corp. The software is currently selling at a promotional price of $50 per user, per year, but the cost will rise to the product’s planned selling price of $100 per user with JDS’ second release, according to Peder Ulander, Sun’s desktop products marketing director.

While the first release of JDS focused on the software’s user side, version two will beef up the product’s functionality for administrators, Ulander said, with features such as a desktop updates tool to ease deployments of patches and new software. Administrators will also be able to remotely manage aspects of their users’ desktop environments, customizing features and application options, for example, according to users’ job roles.”