Interview with James Gosling

C|Net: “Take a look at Sun Microsystems’ recently relaunched Java developer Web site, and you’ll see something new: a picture of James Gosling. Despite being one of the primary inventors of the popular development language, Gosling spent the last couple years detached from daily development of Java within Sun. The well-known software engineer took aContinue reading “Interview with James Gosling”

Java theory and practice: Garbage collection and performance

IBM developerWorks: “In the early days of Java technology, allocating objects got a pretty bad rap. There were lots of articles (including some by this author) advising developers to avoid creating temporary objects unnecessarily because allocation (and the corresponding garbage-collection overhead) was expensive. While this used to be good advice (in situations where performance wasContinue reading “Java theory and practice: Garbage collection and performance”

Please Sir May I Have a Linker?

Joel Spolski: “For some reason, Microsoft’s brilliant and cutting-edge .NET development environment left out one crucial tool… a tool that has been common in software development environments since, oh, about 1950, and taken so much for granted that it’s incredibly strange that nobody noticed that .NET doesn’t really have one. The tool in question? A linker. Here’sContinue reading “Please Sir May I Have a Linker?”


A while ago I saw wasn’t registered yet so I registered it (the Dutch word ‘nu’ means now). Today I set up some blogging software and I might be using it for a dutch blog about more local stuff, such as movies on tv, things I heard on the radio etc. Zef.Nu (about theContinue reading “Zef.Nu”

Intel to give Linux support for Centrino

Centrino is Intel’s new laptop strategy, it includes among other parts the Pentium-M processor which uses way less power than others such as the Pentium-4M, that’s why Centrino laptops can be used for 5–7 hours on a single battery. InfoWorld: “According to Swope, a Linux driver for the heavily advertised Wi-Fi chip set will beContinue reading “Intel to give Linux support for Centrino”