Java Tool Vendors Unite in Battle Against .Net

eWeek: “Several leading Java tool vendors are building an organization to link their respective frameworks in an effort to offer an alternative to Microsoft Corp.’s .Net framework and Visual Studio tools. The group, to be called the Java Tools Community, was initiated by Oracle Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc. and looks to create an interoperable JavaContinue reading “Java Tool Vendors Unite in Battle Against .Net”

Linux 2.6 coming out in december

CRN: “Linus Torvalds and Open Source Development Labs plan a big coming-out party late next month for the Linux 2.6 kernel. Partners won’t see commercial distributions based on the updated kernel until well into 2004. Torvalds, Linux’s lead developer and now an OSDL Fellow, and Linux kernel maintainer Andrew Morton this week released the test10Continue reading “Linux 2.6 coming out in december”

Major vendors to push Linux to the desktop

IBM, HP, Dell and Novell try to edge in while industry waits for Longhorn.InfoWorld (about Novell): “Sources said that once the [SuSE] acquisition is finalized early next year, the company will tightly stitch the Ximian Desktop with an enhanced version of SuSE 9.0, which would enable smooth connections to Novell’s GroupWise collaboration server, ZENworks resourceContinue reading “Major vendors to push Linux to the desktop”