JIT and Mono

As you might already know, compiling to native machine code is old fashioned. Modern compilers compile to some intermediate format such as MSIL (for .NET) or bytecode (for Java). This intermediate language looks a bit like assembly code but preserves meta data and actually knows about objects, classes, interfaces, types etc. unlike assembly language. When weContinue reading “JIT and Mono”


If you thought I was going to talk about your favourite *cough* editor Vi you’re wrong, sorry. Roland Weigelt (sounds kind of Dutch to me, but appears to be German) posted a nice article about VI, Visual Inheritance. A concept that should be as obvious as it gets, but isn’t. Programming in .NET is object oriented.Continue reading “VI”

250th post

Ok, I admit it, this is in fact my 251th (this is my 250th) post on my website since I started my weblog in february this year. Thanks to all who commented on my posts, one of the primary reasons why I enjoy blogging :)


As the PDC (Profession Developers Conference) is progressing, more and more information is available on new Microsoft and .NET technologies. Current hot topic in blogspace is XAML (“Longhorn” Markup Language apparantly, it doesn’t seem to fit though :P). It’s an XML standard to define GUIs. To me it looks like a ASP.NET backport to Windows at firstContinue reading “XAML”


YAML: “YAML used to be short for Yet Another Markup Language, but it’s been backronymed into the geekier and recursive YAML Ain’t Markup Language. It’s a “A readable, friendly language for storing lists, dictionaries, text, numerics and more.””