Microsoft and Google merger?

That’s the title of Slasdot’s message about this. It’s about this NY Times article: “Google, the highflying Silicon Valley Web search company, recently began holding meetings with bankers in preparation for its highly anticipated initial public offering as it was still engaged in meetings of another kind: exploring a partnership or even a merger withContinue reading “Microsoft and Google merger?”

SCO attempts to have GPL declared void

LinuxWord: “But the general thrust of its argument appears to be that under the GPL, mere human beings — American citizens — arrogate to themselves the right to give permission to copy, modify, or redistribute intellectual property, while that kind of regulation of copyright, according to SCO’s contention, can and must only be done — per Article 1 Section 8 ofContinue reading “SCO attempts to have GPL declared void”

PHP 5 beta 2

PHP.Net: “PHP 5.0.0 Beta 2 has been released. This is the first feature complete version of PHP 5, and we recommend for PHP users to try it. PHP 5 is still not ready for production use!”Changes can be found here and language changes (of Zend engine 2.0) can be found here.

PHP and Parrot

Parrot is virtual machine for dynamically typed languages such as Perl (version 6 will use Parrot for its execution). Two people have investigated, or rather are still investigating, if it’s possible to compile PHP code to Parrot bytecode. The Parrot runtime enviroment has some nice features such as JIT. Slides of the keynote they heldContinue reading “PHP and Parrot”

Microsoft employee fired over posting Apple pictures

The news is spreading about a Microsoft employee who was fired because he posted a picture of Apple G5’s being delivered at the Microsoft campus. First off he didn’t get fired because it were G5’s that were photographed, but the fact that he did photograph on the Microsoft campus, which is forbidden (by the contractContinue reading “Microsoft employee fired over posting Apple pictures”