Longhorn hype and Microsoft software updates

Frans Bouma writes about problems he has with Windows XP while the whole Microsoft community is overwhelmed with cool Longhorn stuff (Longhorn is the codename for the new Windows version, scheduled for 2005). Personally I never had any of the problem he has had with XP, but that’s not really his point either: “My pointContinue reading “Longhorn hype and Microsoft software updates”

Cool Larry Wall quote

I always liked Larry Wall’s “Laziness is a programmer’s main virtue” (if I remember correctly), but recently I can add a new one to that, it’s about rewriting software from scratch: “We’ll try to make different mistakes this time” (thanks Arien). Both are so true ;D Larry Wall is the designer/programmer of Perl by the way.

Google File System

A huge system like Google has it’s particular needs. One of them is to be quickly transfer files which usually are very large (several gigs), in order to do this fast and secure Google has developed the Google File System.

.NET/Windows tools list

Scott Hanselman has published a very cool list of Windows and .NET tools. My favourites: QuickCode.NET for VS, NetPing and in particular CommandBar for Explorer which allows you to open a command prompt from within Explorer. Cool!

Borland C#Builder vs Visual Studio .NET

C# Pro compares C#Builder and VS .NET in this article. In short, VS.NET scores better on help and the code editor, C# scores better on code browsing, (UML) design, Model Driven Architecture and Application Lifecycle Management. This also article pointed me to some nice VS.NET intellisense features which I thought were missing: Easily override methods andContinue reading “Borland C#Builder vs Visual Studio .NET”

.NET support in OpenOffice

OpenOffice: “Dear OpenOffice.org community, We are pleased to provide a preview of the CLI-UNO language binding. Itgives developers the possibility to write client programs forOpenOffice.org, as well as stand-alone UNO applications, with CLIlanguages, such as C# and VB.NET. Information about the language binding can be found at http://udk.openoffice.org/cli/cli-uno.html There you will also find a downloadableContinue reading “.NET support in OpenOffice”