What’s the Deal with J2EE 1.4? “Finally someone said it!” he exclaims. “I couldn’t agree more. I’m an instructor specializing in taking ‘legacy’ programmers (which now includes PowerBuilder and Visual Basic) and retraining them in Java 2EE. The universal complaint is, why it is so difficult to accomplish even the most modest business tasks withContinue reading “What”

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Open Source

The Open Source Foundation has put online several documents leaked from Microsoft evaluating Linux and other open source software as competitors. However “Eric S. Raymond” put his comments all over it, I started reading the document (and in particular the comments by mr Raymond, written in green) but stopped halfway. It’s disgusting, this guy reallyContinue reading “Open Source”

This is a nice home PC

PNNL: “The PNNL system is the world’s fastest supercomputer based on the Linux operating system and is the largest machine ever built using Intel’s 64-bit architecture. PNNL’s supercomputer draws its speed and computing power from nearly 2,000 next-generation Intel® Itanium®-2 processors code-named “Madison,” running on industry-standard HP Integrity servers. Linking the Intel Itanium2 chips isContinue reading “This is a nice home PC”